Monday, September 5, 2011

What Adventures They Did Have

The first reading book I ever tackled back in the first grade of Gallant Elementary.
My teacher was one Mrs. Iva Moore.
She had a strange way of pronouncing my name....
It came out "My-kill"
Funny...I didn't know I was Klingon.

I don't remember how the ability to read first reared its head in my brain.
I don't remember the process of learning to read.
I know it was back in the pre-phonics day when we did every thing the hard way.

Our first reading book was about good ol' Dick and Jane (brother and sister) and their tag along younger sister, Sally.
Pretty tame stuff and hard to relate to if you lived in the country.
Dick and Jane were always putting on rain coats and galoshes to go outside and play in the rain.
Every one knows that you take your shoes off and half the fun is getting soaking wet.
I loved to ride my bike in the rain as having no fenders on said bike, the tires would sling water (and mud) all over your back.
Coming through the door at home, Mom would reply, "You've been riding that bike in the rain again, haven't you?
My Mom.
Always the detective. Couldn't get anything past her.

These kids we read about, Dick and Jane had no imagination what so ever.
The dog's name was SPOT.
The cat's name was PUFF.
C'mon! Why not Ol' Brummy for the dog, and Fang for the cat.
Spot? Puff? Give me a break.

But we learned to read.
Books were important to me back then.
I read anything I could get my hands on.
The library was the place to go and load up on stories of adventure and far away places.
Robinson Crusoe...
Robin Hood....
Treasure Island....
Autobiographies of Babe Ruth, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett. Not to mention Andrew Jackson and George Washington.

Those were the days....
and to think I have Dick and Jane to thank for my love of reading.....


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